Public Offer Agreement

Last updated: March 23, 2018

This Public Offer Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”, governs the rules and order of CreaGen Consulting services provision provided by SP Stroy Vyacheslav Valeriyovich, submitted online at This Agreement is accepted as a web based document and does not need to be signed.

The terms of this Agreement are the same for all legal entities, individuals or individual entrepreneurs, hereinafter called the “Customers”, addressed to the executor “CreaGen Consulting” by SP Stroy Vyacheslav Valeriyovich, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”. The Agreement is concluded by accepting the “Offer” by the Customer, that is, by expressing the full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Offer.

Agreement comes into force since the Customer first enters Customer’s profile at as well as the Customer addresses the Company in any acceptable form, such as: oral, telephone, email or by the filling of the contact form for Customers on the Company’s page ( in order to obtain the service(s) provided by the Company. This Agreement is valid until the Parties (Customer and Company) fulfill their obligations.

1. General Terms

1.1. Prior to applying for the service (s), which implies the automatic acceptance of this Agreement, the Client is obliged to review the terms and conditions of the Offer, available on the Company’s website. After that, the Customer appeals to the Company in order to obtain the services of interest having preliminary described an available problem.

1.2. All conditions for further cooperation between the Customer and the Company, including the package of services, the terms, size and procedure for payment, are discussed and approved individually.

1.3. The subject of this Agreement is the Service’s IT consulting services. Such services under this Agreement may include: audit, analysis of existing software mechanisms, development of IT strategies, modernization and support of the Customer's IT infrastructure, full complex of software turn-key development and others.

1.4. Services are provided by the Company in remote mode without direct access to the Customer's computer.

2. Data security

2.1. Personal data is not distributed and is not transferred to third parties without the Customer’s consent and is used by the Company only for the Agreement execution.

2.2. Prior to the commencement of cooperation, at the stage of the Customer's initial request, discussion of the problems, and the services of interest, the Company signs a non-disclosure agreement with the potential client. Confidential information is considered to be any information relating to the Customer placed at the Company's disposal for the purpose of the Company's provision of services, as well as any information on the terms of cooperation of the parties - the Customer and the CreaGen Company, including the description, cost and order of performance of services within this cooperation.

2.3. The Customer, from his side, agrees not to distribute in any media (internet - forums, blogs, newspapers, radio and television, including but not limited to) any information about the Company without prior approval of the content of its official representatives. In case of failure to implement this condition the Company reserves the right to termination of this Agreement.

3. Payment for services

3.1. The Customer makes payment for consulting services on the fact of accomplishing the tasks assigned to the Company.

3.2. A payment is considered as acceptance of the services if the Parties decide not to prepare an Act of delivery and acceptance of services.

3.3. All payments for the services are made online by means of electronic transfers.

4. Responsibilities of the Parties

4.1. The Company is not liable to the Customer for delays, interruptions in the work, occurring directly or indirectly due to the acts or omissions of third parties and / or the quality of the communication channels. In the case that for any reason the Company does not render the services on time, the Company's liability is limited solely to the provision of the relevant services in the new terms proposed by itself.

4.2. The Company is not liable for lost profits and lost profits, as well as for any indirect losses incurred by the Customer during the period of use or non-use of the services provided by the Company.

4.3. All disputes between the Company and the Client are resolved by negotiations and correspondence.

5. Contacts and Legal Information

Services provided by SP Stroy Vyacheslav Valeriyovich (ITN 3153507473).

Tel: +380(96)-772-99-50